Through Violet Eyes // Violet

Based on the NY Times Bestselling book series "Through Violet Eyes" written by Stephen Woodworth, THROUGH VIOLET EYES is a television show currently being developed, while VIOLET is a self-contained short film set in the TVE universe. VIOLET LOGLINE: In a world in which there exist genetic rarities known as Violets -- the handful of … Continue reading Through Violet Eyes // Violet

The unNatural Order

In a world plagued by political unrest, a young housewife begins experiencing disturbing visions of the past that make her question the nature of her own identity. As she digs deeper into these visions, she discovers she is unwittingly at the center of a chilling political conspiracy aimed at resetting the natural order. Previously … Continue reading The unNatural Order


What would you give up for the person you love? Svengali is a feature thriller about how the tantalizing promise of a soulmate can seduce a person into destroying themselves. This project is currently in development! Please check back for updates, or click here to get involved!

Trope: An Anthology

A dark anthology series that takes nuanced, everyday stereotypes and explores a world where they are twisted and exaggerated to augment modern society’s subconscious desires and base instincts. There are four feature-length, self-contained episodes in each season, all of which maintain a dark and/or satirical tone. Episode One - HOLLOW Episode Two - TOXIC Episode … Continue reading Trope: An Anthology